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International Journal of Dermatology Sciences

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A (2022)

Geriatrics skin & homoeopathy


Tridibesh Tripathy, Shankar Das, P N Swamy, Manjushree Kar


Skin is the largest gland of the body & it is the largest cover of the body. Here, the article deals with the skin of the geriatrics. The skin of the geriatrics is also a special area for Homoeopathy. Skin & Homoeopathy are intricately related as the fundamental cause of diseases as per Homoeopathy is the ‘Psoric miasm’ which manifest in the skin in the initial stages. Later, under favourable circumstances, it proceeds to affect the physical & mental aspects of the body through functional disturbances. Since the late 2019, the addition of COVID 19 to the plethora of geriatrics skin further emphasises the importance of the current article. The current article examines the contribution of Homoeopathy to deal with the clinical issues related to the geriatrics skin. The article traces the clinical aspects in its major forms & its implications on other aspects of the body. Thereafter, it deals with the subject of the changing face of the pattern of symptoms of geriatrics skin through the dimension of how, why, when, where and whom of these therapeutic patterns. Following that the burden of the geriatric care is explained through the social & economic impacts that it has exerted while perpetuating demographic issues. Taking cue from one of the elaborate & established books in the Homoeopathic world, it deals with what Homoeopathy had offered, is offering & the potential to offer in the future to deal with this important area of geriatric skin in normal times and as well as during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

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International Journal of Dermatology Sciences
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Tridibesh Tripathy, Shankar Das, P N Swamy, Manjushree Kar. Geriatrics skin & homoeopathy. Int. J.Dermatol. Sci. 2022;4(1):1-5. DOI: 10.33545/26649772.2022.v4.i1a.19
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